This is a quick (and by quick I mean two weeks) motion graphics animation I done for for a design agency that will be used to showcase their motion graphics capability. The project is a basic free model of an Audi R8 and HUD graphics highlighting specfications about the car. The video is not a presentation of an R8 but rather a presentation of the motion graphics themselves. Created in after effects and premiere I used multiple plugins from each program to achieve the required effect.
A short logo opener created with video copilots AE plugins. I had the words clean, innovative, vitality and exciting in mind when working on this project. It has been the first self initiated project since college in which I needed to apply what iv learned over the last five years to produce something that represents my initial intention. The music is a snippet from a track I created under the name Titian. - Natural System
The Saruman project was a college competition in which the class was split into teams of four and tasked with developing a logo to be placed on the funding proposal. From the six teams who all presented their solution to the clients in TSSG our logo was the successful candidate. The project submission was supported with this m,onion graphic logo reveal and a fully comprehensive brand guideline booklet.
This short after effects promo was created for a college project representing the 2015 Trademark Brand Summit. The clip was designed to function on the website landing page to promote the event but still short enough to section out elements for animated gifs. It was inspired by the book NEUBAU WELT and scored with sound bites from video copilot's motion pulse sound design kit using premiere.
A 2nd year college project and an introduction to Adobe After Effects this graduation show banner ident was a submission for a competition to be used as an ident for the 4th year graduation cermony. It didnt win :-( snif snif 
This motion graphics ident is a personal project I used to familiar myself with after effects again. This movie was made in CC with Video Copilot plugins and is attempting to communicate the epic arrival of Atoms Visual Communication Agency. Music - Sequence / Titian.
Below is a motion graphic project I used to familar myself with the basic mechanics of after effects. The final product will be for a college module Graphics Minor: Motion but this short is a style test concept that might or might not make it to the final project. Some elements were learnt from youtube tutorials. Music: Minilogue - Hitch hikers Choice.
This is a college project submission for a local television station TV3's new upcoming home videos program. I used Adobe After Effects with video co pilot plugins (Element 3D) in which I followed Andrew Kramer tutorials to complete. Music: Ed Chamberlian - Does Ape
This kinetic type project was created for a 3yr college project that was aimed at Waterstones publishing house. The visual style is designed to emphasise the words and uneasy excerpt from the published author, the sound and textures were added to give more depth and gritty feel to the short. 
Music: Hidden Temple / Stafford Bawler (Monument Vally Soundtrack)
This motion graphics clip was my project file for Video Copilot's Andrew Cramer tutorial on Element V.2. The video was live project for a new online business specialising in selling gadgetry and gadget related ... gadget type ... things etc.
Development & communication of Intelligent lifeforms. A short motion graphics movie created with CC 2015, Video copilot sound design package & plugins. With this project I was familiarising myself with the new functions of Element 3D v.2 having followed a Video Copilot online tutorial.
Animated motion graphics created in cinema 4D. This is a series of animations and Lightrooms constructed in cinema 4D, it is part of an ongoing project used to accustom myself with the software. MUSIC: Martin Stig Andersen - City (Limbo Soundtrack)
The Bauhaus project was a 1st year introduction to Adobe Flash. The original Concept and sound design were created under the assumption of what would the students of the Bauhaus create if they had access to our technology.
A flash portfolio page was a personal project I started on the summer holidays from 1st year. I wanted to practice the skills we learned in our first semester and create a flash based interactive portfolio website filled with interactive infographics.
The Irish Times Takeover - was a small college project where we had to create a flash banner, mpu and a background image. 
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