James Taylor - You've got a friend (cover) This is the first music video project I produced of my father playing acoustic guitar. It is the first stage of the overall project that will eventually consist of three music videos. Iv learned so much from this first shoot that include: not storyboarding the shoot, recording the audio separate, using in camera LUT profiles. Overall I'm happy with the finished product but still can see various aspects that will need close attention for the next shoot.    
This brief for this project was to create a short video for Waterford Institute Of Technology promoting the BA Visual Communication Degree. The project was a real group effort, everyone brought their ideas to the table which gave us great insight to improve scenes and the storyline. A quick shoutout to our lecturers Roger & Ross for their support and encouragement. 
Music: City - M8
This video was a personal project shot as a promo to show potential clients video editing and production skills in a sort of “your product here” context. Shot on a Nikon 3100 using a homemade slider the footage was processed in Premiere CC with overlays of motion graphics and light flares. Music: Cafe del Mar (deadmau5 Mix)
A short clip that I shot solely for tracking animated text. The initial idea started out as an excersize in motion graphics but for the final delivery it needed to have a purpose and tracking points on motion video caught my attention.
This clip was shot as a test run using new camera settings and processing plugins etc. I used a cheap1.8 - 50mm prime lens on a entry level Nikon D3100. The final quality was much better than I anticipated but the color grading needs some work.
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